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Welcome to Nurse Relief Inc, your premier medical staffing agency in Hamilton, ON. Our team of experienced recruiters are dedicated to matching qualified RNs, LPNs, and PCAs with healthcare facilities in need of temporary staffing. In addition, we understand the importance of having skilled and reliable healthcare professionals to provide quality patient care, which is why we strive to connect healthcare facilities with the best nursing talent available.

RN Staffing Solutions

As a healthcare facility in Hamilton, ON, you may find yourself in need of temporary staffing solutions for a variety of reasons, such as vacations, sick leaves, vacant positions, or emergencies. At Nurse Relief Inc, we specialize in providing RN staffing solutions to meet the unique needs of each healthcare facility. Our extensive network of registered nurses allows us to quickly fill any staffing gaps you may have, ensuring continuity of care for your patients.

LPN Staffing Solutions

Licensed Practical Nurses play a vital role in the healthcare industry, providing essential care to patients under the supervision of RNs and other healthcare professionals. If your healthcare facility in Hamilton, ON is in need of temporary LPN staffing, Nurse Relief Inc can help. We work with experienced LPNs who are committed to delivering high-quality care to patients in a variety of settings.


Travel Nursing Opportunities

If you’re a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric Nurse, or Personal Care Assistant seeking a career in independent practice and travel nursing, Nurse Relief Inc can help you find exciting opportunities in Hamilton, ON. We partner with healthcare facilities throughout Canada that are in need of temporary nursing staff, offering you the flexibility to explore new environments and expand your professional skills.

Why Choose Nurse Relief Inc?

At Nurse Relief Inc, we are committed to providing exceptional staffing for nurses to healthcare facilities in Hamilton, ON. Our team of recruiters works tirelessly to match the right healthcare professionals with the right facilities, ensuring a seamless transition for both parties. Whether you are a nurse seeking a new career opportunity or a healthcare facility in need of temporary staffing, Nurse Relief Inc is here to help.

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If you’re a healthcare facility in Hamilton, ON in need of temporary nursing staff, or if you’re a nurse interested in pursuing a career in independent practice and travel nursing, Nurse Relief Inc is here to assist you. Our medical temp agency offers nurse jobs all throughout Canada, providing flexible coverage for RNs, LPNs, and PCAs to meet the staffing needs of healthcare facilities.

So don’t wait any longer to find the staffing solutions you need. Just contact Nurse Relief Inc today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your staffing goals. We look forward to working with you and supporting the healthcare needs of Hamilton.


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