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Explore how Nurse Relief Inc. is meeting the unique staffing needs of healthcare facilities in Ottawa, Ontario, with reliable and professional nurse staffing solutions.

Why Choose Nurse Relief Inc?

Welcome to Nurse Relief Inc, the premier medical staffing agency in Ottawa, ON. As a leading medical facility nurse staffing agency, we specialize in providing top-quality registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nurse practitioners, and psychiatric nurses to hospitals and medical facilities in need of temporary staffing. And we’re here to fulfill your staffing needs and help you maintain optimal patient care.

At Nurse Relief Inc, our mission is to connect talented healthcare professionals with health care facilities in need, ensuring excellent patient care and seamless staffing solutions. Our team is dedicated to providing a personalized approach to each placement, matching the right nurse with the right facility based on their skills, experience, and preferences. With our expertise in the healthcare industry, we understand the unique requirements of each facility and strive to exceed expectations.


RN Staffing, LPN Staffing, and PCA Staffing

Whether you are an experienced registered nurse, or licensed practical nurse looking to advance your career in independent practice and travel nursing, or a health care facility seeking flexible coverage, Nurse Relief Inc is here for you. We recruit and place highly qualified healthcare professionals who are passionate about their work and have a strong dedication to patient care. Our extensive network and experience with staffing for nurses allows us to find the perfect match for your staffing needs.

Meeting the RN Staffing Needs of Health Care Facilities

As a medical temp agency, we fully understand the challenges that health care facilities face regarding staffing. Whether it be due to vacations, sick leaves, vacant positions, or emergencies, staffing shortages can put a strain on daily operations and patient care. That’s where we come in. Nurse Relief Inc offers nurse jobs throughout Canada to meet the RN staffing needs of health care facilities. Our pool of talented and experienced nurses ensures that your facility continues to provide high-quality care, even in times of staffing shortages.

Providing Reliable Coverage for Health Care Facilities

As a healthcare facility, you need flexible coverage to ensure continuity of care. Nurse Relief Inc takes pride in delivering reliable coverage to health care facilities in need. Our nurses are well-prepared and ready to step in seamlessly to provide the highest level of care. Whether it’s for a short-term placement or an extended period, our nurses are committed to delivering exceptional service and meeting the unique needs of your facility.

Contact Nurse Relief Inc Today!

If you are a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, or Psychiatric Nurse interested in pursuing a career in independent practice and travel nursing, or if your health care facility needs flexible coverage for any of those positions, Nurse Relief Inc can help. We’re committed to providing outstanding service and ensuring the best possible match between both nurses and health care facilities.

So don’t let staffing challenges impact patient care. Contact us today, and let us provide the staffing solutions you need. Our team is ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have, so trust in Nurse Relief Inc for all your hospital staffing needs in Ottawa, ON.


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