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Nurse Staffing Agency in Alberta

Nurse Relief provides an urgent casual pool of nurses that can cover urgent needs on a consistent basis. We match nurses on a temporary and permanent basis with health care facilities needing coverage for vacant positions, nurses on leave and emergencies throughout all of Canada including Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Nursing Agency in Alberta

If you are a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric Nurse or Personal Care Assistant interested in pursuing a career in independent practice and travel nursing, or if your health care facility needs flexible coverage for any of those positions, Nurse Relief Inc. can help. Based in Edmonton, AB, we offer nurse jobs throughout Canada to meet the staffing needs of health care facilities due to vacations, sick leaves, vacant positions or emergencies.

Wide Variety Of Extensive Experience

Nurse Relief Inc. was established in 2001 by Heather Pringle, RN. Heather began as a Licensed Practical Nurse in 1984 and soon became a Registered Nurse, garnering extensive experience in long term care, home care, medicine, surgery, pediatrics, labour and delivery, dialysis, the Intensive Care Unit, the Operating Room, emergency, cardiac care, travel nursing, management, instruction and coordination of a LPN program, and writing a program for personal care attendants.

This range of expertise earned her a YWCA nomination for the 2011 Woman of Distinction award, and allows Nurse Relief Inc. to take on an incredible variety of positions as needed throughout the health care profession.

As the most flexible, reliable and efficient travel nurse agency in Edmonton, AB, we also offer the following credentials:

Fav Medical

Our company and nurses are fully insured.

Fav Medical

Our owner has been in the Nursing industry since 1984.

Fav Medical

Nurse Relief Inc. was started in 2001 and continues to provide staffing solutions for hospitals and nurses across the country.

Fav Medical

We serve Alberta, Saskatchewan and the entire country of Canada.


Nurse Reliefs’ Mission

Increase needs of patients being met by Nurse Relief by supplying adequate staffing.

  • Early signs and symptoms of disease process are caught when nurses have manageable workloads.
  • The preventive measures taken for adequate staffing saves money! Exacerbation & complications of disease processes are very expensive.

Nurse Station

Increase the health of the Nurse by providing Nurse Relief.

  • When nurses get time off they are rested and happier. I know this from supplying Nurse Relief.
  • There is decrease in sick time and injury to nurses when adequate staffing is present.
  • This saves money!


Nurse Relief will keep health care staffing costs affordable as possible.

  • Costs of Nurse Relief are close as possible to the cost of employing someone.
  • There is no sick time, WCB, Pension, or EI costs.
  • When the nurse makes overtime the agency fee stays the same

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Nurse Relief provides fair and competitive prices. Please contact us for more information.