RN Staffing in Edmonton, AB & Canada’s Other Provinces


RN Staffing

Fully Staffed for LPN Staffing

Our nurses and travel nurse jobs receive housing and travel, excellent pay rates, self-employment status, reduced taxable income, more time off and an independent career. This flexibility benefits facilities needing LPN staffing in Edmonton, Alberta, St. Albert, and Sherwood Park, AB, and throughout Canada by offering all types of coverage and cost savings.

Professional liability insurance is included with your professional registration

  • Nurse Relief Inc and its registered nurses are fully insured and governed by the College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta.
  • Nurses that have current registration in one province can apply for registration in another province.

Nurse Relief Inc contracts out all nurses

  • The contracted nurse gets one hundred percent of their paycheck.
  • As a contract nurse you are considered to be self-employed. Self-employment allows you to have multiple tax deductions such as part of your house payment or rent, utilities, auto expenses, internet, cell phone, food, medical and many more items. This reduces your taxable income. It is up to each contractor to pay their own taxes. The end result is you make more money and pay fewer taxes.

We recruit and provide the services of the following professionals:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Psychiatric Nurse

Hospital Services

Each placement is carefully sought out and interviewed by highly qualified and trained RNs to ensure the needs and standards of your facility are met. We believe in the quality of care for staff and patients!

Less Stress and Improved Morale

Through the flexibility of supplemental RN staffing, health care facilities can prevent staffing shortages and mandatory overtime. This prevents employees from being overworked, reducing stress and sick leave. Further, employees are able to get time off when they need it and can enjoy a better work-life balance.

Permanent Placements Positions Available

Fill in for vacations and sick leaves

If vacations happen to overlap or if sick leaves hit your health care facility’s staff hard, we’re here to provide expert coverage to keep your remaining staff, and patients, from suffering.

Cover Vacant Positions

If you are in the process of recruiting new employees, our nurses are happy to cover any vacant positions to allow the facility to retain its current service hours and capacity.

Assist In Emergencies

Our RN staffing nurses have years of experience in various medical fields and specialties, and can provide crucial support and assistance if your health care facility is overwhelmed in the event of an emergency.

Save On Costs

Using the flexible services of our fill-in nurses and travel nurse jobs prevents health care facilities from hemorrhaging funds due to overtime costs, injury and sick time costs and Workers Compensation Board costs. Nurse Relief Inc also offers rates that are lower than competing costs.
*We fully screen all professionals with a criminal record check, references, certifications, and interviews saving your HR time and money.

We Are Proud To Offer Reliable, Efficient & Flexible Service

Nurse Relief Inc is dedicated to providing new LPN staffing opportunities for nurses seeking to start an exciting career in independent practice with opportunities for travel, as well as to providing invaluable coverage to health care facilities experiencing vacancies or emergencies. We are proud to offer reliable, efficient and flexible service of immeasurable quality to ensure the continued function of health care facilities throughout the region.