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Reliable & Efficient Healthcare Staffing

Are you short of nursing staff? Fear not. We are your reliable nurse staffing agency in Ottawa, ON, to assist in hospitals, nursing homes, and more. Heather Pringle is the founder and head of Nurse Relief Inc. Having direct experience, first and foremost as a qualified nurse for more than 35 years, she has dedicated her cause to helping other nurses find work. Nurse Relief Inc also helps health industries have the nursing resources they need to operate while giving nurses time to rest through rotating staff.

Why Having Enough Nursing Staff Matters

With Nurse Relief Inc, you can hire as many nursing staff as needed to ensure that everyone gets enough rest and is alert. Well-rested nurses are happier and more alert on the job. Hiring the necessary medical staff will increase morale and improve the work environment. With Nurse Relief, the well-being of patients and nurses are met through adequate staffing and patient care.

Get the Nursing Staff Help You Need When You Need It Most

Nurse Relief Inc is one of Ottawa’s reliable resources for experienced and qualified nurses covering every health and medical care area.

Some of our nurses specialize in but are not limited to:

  • Midwife
  • General nursing
  • Nurse anesthetist
  • Oncology
  • Practitioner nursing
  • Nurse staffing
  • Personal care assistant
  • Health care attending staff

We recruit registered nurses (RNs), personal care assistants (PCAs), and licensed practical nurses (LPNs). Our medical temp agency Ottawa nurses are certified and registered.

Being short of nurses and medical staff is terrible for any healthcare facility. Even when you’re just looking for a medical temp agency in Ottawa, ON, nursing solutions to help fill in periodically, we can help your practice or hospital.

Other Medical Help for Your Medical Facility

We can provide you with a variety of medical staffing to assist in all aspects of the medical practice or center.

We Provide LPN Staffing in ON
What are licensed practical nurses (LPNs) responsible for?

All LPNs are very reliable and much-needed nurses for any medical practice. They are responsible for checking up on the patient, monitoring the patient’s vital signs, feeding, and bathing the patient if required. LPNs often communicate with the family, the patient, and the said patient’s caregiver. LPNs work directly under the RN and doctor attending to the patient.

Our Agency Provides RNs
Our RN staffing experts oversee the LPN nurses who also report to them. RNs monitor a check the patient’s medication and needs. According to the doctor’s request, they will change the dosage or medicine if needed. Registered nurses are responsible for ensuring that all care of the patient is carried out ethically and that the laws and rules of the hospital or medical facility are abided by.

RNs can be employed in your general practice, in birthing rooms, assisting the OBGYN, correctional facilities, public education facilities, private and state-funded hospitals, and telehealth platforms.

Get PCA Staffing From Us
A personal care Assistant (PCAs) is responsible for many tasks, including taking patient blood, transporting patients between wards, cleaning hazardous laundry, and preparing patients for various scans like an echocardiogram.

PCAs can be employed at senior care facilities, for personal care at home, blood banks, intensive care units (ICUs), emergency rooms, general practitioner’s practices, and hospice, to name a few.

Contact Nurse Relief Inc and let us help you place the correct nursing staff suited for various positions in the medical center, private practice, hospital, or as a private nurse.